Gulab Jamun Cake/Gulab Jamun Cake Recipe

Gulab Jamun  is one of most popular Indian sweet and my personal favourite .These days fusion cakes are in trend ,So after the ever popular rasmalai cake it  was time to try the gulab jamun cake and im glad that i be honest i had never tasted the gulab jamun cake so this was completely an experiment .I used my mawa cake for the base and milk powder gulab jamun i skipped using sugar syrup to moisten the cake because i dint want a oversweet cake 

For the base i have used my mawa cake which is fluffy and so yummy and then used whipped cream to frost it ,the gulabjamuns  i used were homemade too ,you can either make milk powder gulab jamuns like i did or the my khoya gulab jamuns .
gulab jamun cake from scratch

for the cake follow mawa cake recipe 
1 cup whipping cream

  • Make the cake and the gulab jamuns one  a day ahead 
  • the day you are frosting the cake ,make the whipped cream you Can add a tiny drop of rose or almond essence to the  whipping cream whip till it forms stiff peaks
  • divide the cake into two using a serrated knife or a thread

  • Slice the gulab jamuns into 2 or three 
  • Apply a dollop of whipped cream and spread using a offset spatula crumb coat it
  • Top it with sliced gulab jamuns 
  • Then cover with the other half and apply the whipped cream 
  • Make any design you want and place some gulab jamuns on the rosettes 
  • you can garnish with nuts /anything you prefer 
  • Let it refrigerate for 2 hours before cutting 

You can also make an eggless vanilla sponge for the base
the link to the mawa cake here
the link to the gulab jamuns here 
khoya gulab jamun  here