Pesto Chicken Pizza/Pesto Chicken and Mushroom Pizza

Pesto Chicken Pizza and Pesto Mushroom Chicken Pizza one of our favourite pizzas .Pesto is my favourite sauce i love using pesto in my pizza pasta noodles..I have shared pesto sauce and pesto skewers in the blog .I did mention the pesto pizzas that i made few months ago .So sharing with you all cheesy gooey pesto pizza loaded with yummy toppings like roasted chicken,mushroom bell peppers and cherry tomato.
I made mini pizzas and tried different toppings for each made a pesto for me..For my DH i made Pesto and pizza sauce mushroom pizza and a chicken and pesto for us..

I have shared many pizzas in the past and i have used the no fail pizza dough which is already in the blog you could also check the whole Wheat pizza.

Chicken 250 gm
1 tsp lime juice
Oregano and mixed herbs.
Bell peppers red green and yellow
Mushroom 9 to 10 sliced
Cherry tomatoes  10 cut in halves.

Pizza sauce as needed
Mozzarella cheese as needed
Parmesan cheese as needed
Cheddar cheese as needed

Marinate the chicken with lime,salt pepper herbs for 20 to 30 minutes 
Heat Pan add few teaspoon oil and saute till done.
  • On the pizza base apply pesto sauce and pizza sauce 
  • Arrange all toppings and generous amount of cheeese.

  • Drizzle some olive oil and and sprinkle herbs. 
  • Bake for 15 to 20 minutes till cheese melts and turns bubbly.

Enjoy delicious cheesy homemade pesto pizza