Milk Cream. Christmas Sweet ...Milkcream Recipe quicker version

 Christmas sweet milk cream
Milk  cream or Milk tofee my favourite Christmas and sweet .I simply love this right from childhood I still remember I use to gobble so many while helping mom in shaping them .I have posted the traditional method in the blog earlier which requires constant stirring and lots of patience ,the whole process may take about 1 to 1 1/2 hr .My mom still makes the traditional method .This is comparatively quicker than the other .Many of my friends and cousins have been following this shortcut method and I too was intrigued to try this method I found it pretty easy and it did saved a lot of time .  I have been making it since last Christmas  . This method is perfect when you have no time at hand and still wanna make some Christmas sweet .I have planned some more recipes for Christmas sweets this coming week so do check the blog for more .
How to make milkcream
Making milk cream needs just few ingredients and a little patience .You can simply pour the mixture on a greased thali and cut it in diamond or square shape if you don't have the moulds or the time to shape them .The sweetness was just perfect for us but if you like your milk cream really sweet you can add 1 -3 tbsp sugar
christmas sweet milkcream with condensed milk
1 tin condensed milk (400gms)
100 gms powdered cashew
1 tsp vanilla essence
1 tbsp butter/ghee

Mix the condensed milk ,powdered cashew and vanilla in a nonstick or a thick bottomed pan .
Switch the flame on a very low heat and place the pan or vessel .
Keep stirring the mixture until it begins to thicken
Add butter or ghee and mix with a wooden spoon .
You will see that the mixture begins to thicken ,you can check if it's ready by taking a small mixture and roll it in a ball .
If you can shape it to a ball it means it's ready .
Switch the flame off and remove the mixture in a greased thali or plate .
Allow it to cool slightly.
Shape it as you like using silicone or rubber moulds ,you can dust a bit if icing sugar if needed .

I have used Nestle sweetened condensed milk ,I have tried the same method with amul mithai mate but found Nestle to be a better option .
You can also use rose essence or rose water in place of vanilla .
This stays well for a week when stored out in an airtight container  ,you can store it in the fridge for more than a week if it remains 😁😁in our case I make it 2-3 times still it's never enough .