Marzipan Recipe/Marzipan recipe using Egg/Marzipan ..Cooking method.

christmas  sweet marzipan
Marzipan or mazapan and milkcream are my most favourite Christmas sweet I know i have been telling this many times earlier too but i just cant resist these two yummy treats .I don't remember any Christmas till date without these yummy goodies .I have been a fan since a kid. I'm reblogging this post today i have shared this 3 years back  in the blog in the year 2013 ,
cooking method marzipan recipe
Traditionally Marzipan is made with Almonds ,sugar and Eggs Here we use Cashews to make this .We at home make it with almonds too .Ill be posting the almonds version soon in the blog.You can get creative my shaping these marzipans into fruits ,vegetables or anything you fancy .I have used silicone moulds to shape these .

250 gms cashews
500 gms powdered Sugar
2 egg whites
rose water as needed 
1 tbsp ghee/butter
1/2 tsp almond essence 

  • Soak cashews in warm  water for 3-4 hours 
  • Grind Cashews with rose water to a smooth paste 
  • Beat eggs white till stiff
  • Mix together cashew paste,Sugar ,egg whites and essence in a thick bottomed pan or a nonstick Pan.
  • Mix well and then place it over med low flame.
  • Keep stirring constantly with a wooden spatula 
  • The flame needs to be low throughout and you need to keep stirring it constantly to avoid it getting it stuck to the pan.
  • Once it starts to bubble add ghee/butter .
  • Cook till it leaves sides of the pan .
  • You can test it by keeping the wooden spoon in the centre of the mixture ,if it stands well its ready ,if it falls means it still needs time to cook .
  • Also the mixture will stick to the spatula and not fall off easily.
  • Switch the flame off once it reaches this stage 
  • Remove it in a greased thali/plate.
  • Allow it to cool slightly .
  • Then knead to a soft dough,the mixture will still be warm apply little ghee/dalda on your hands and knead .
  • Divide into equal portions and add drops of colour as needed.
  • Using silicone/rubber moulds to shape it.

You can use icing sugar as well.
Some households use equal amount of sugar and cashews ,we have been following this method since my grandma's time and it has never failed us .
If you make this with almonds blanch them and remove the skin off and later grind it with rose water .
If you don't have moulds pour the mixture on a greased plate and cut into square/diamond shape.