Guava Cheese/Perad /Guava Sweet Recipe ..Christmas Sweet

Guava Cheese/Perad/Guava Sweet is a delicious sweet made from guava and sugar .Its chewy at the same time its soft. We just  love guava cheese .Im sure you will love it too  .Do try ,Its easy to make and smells heavenly .The aroma while making this guava will waft in the air.This stays well for long so you can make it well in advance and store .

4-5 big guavas
2 cup sugar
1 tbsp lime juice
drop of pink colour
1 tbsp ghee/butter/dalda


  • Wash the guava well .
  • Boil them in a pressure cooker or in  a vessel with  water.
  • Once they are soft ,scoop out the seeds  and peel the skin off.
  • The seeds are to be boiled with about 1/2 cup water.
  • You may mash the guava through a sieve or grind in a mixer.
  • Pass the pulp through a sieve again
  • Weigh the pulp
  • You will need the same amount of sugar ,I got 2 cups of pulp after weighing so i used 2 cups of sugar and a tbsp more since i found the guava were not sweet enough.
  • Mix the sugar and pulp in a non stick pan/Thick Bottomed pan or pressure cooker body.
  • Place it on med low flame and keep stirring with a wooden long handled spoon.
  • Add colour and ghee once the mixture starts to bubble,it may take about 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Add lime juice and stir
  • Keep stirring it to avoid it sticking  the bottom.

  • You will see that the mixture thickens and sticks to the back of a spoon.
  • To test if it s done ,keep bowl/glass of water ready drop a little mixture ,if the mixture is runny and the mixture dissolves /disintegrates in the water it means it still needs to cook.
  • When you can see the water is clear and you are able to make ball out of it the mixture is ready.
  • Grease a tray/Plate with butter/ghee .

Pour the mixture and level it with a spatula.
Allow it to cool for 5-6 hours
Cut in whichever shapes you wish you desire .
Your Guava Cheese is ready
If using pressure cooker to boil these ,cook for 2 -3 whistles 
Make sure you sieve the pulp 
Preferably use a long handed wooden spoon or spatula as the mixture thickens there is lot of bubbles and at times it may splutter