Kesar Pista Lassi

Lassi is my favourite  drink i love  all the flavors  in  lassi kesar pista is my most favourite  flavor.fright from childhood  i used to lov n order  kesar pista lassi from  a  very  famous  shop whenever  i visited  that sweet and shop
making lassi at home is very  easy  and economical may skip pista and use kesar  and add elaichi alone

2 1/2 cups thick yogurt/dahi
2-3 tbsp  sugar/as needed
saffron/kesar few strands
2 tbsp warm  milk
4-5 cardamom seeds/elaichi crushed
8-9 Pistachios


  • In a mortar pestle take 1 tsp sugar and  saffron/kesar and crush it
  • Add the saffron  to  the  warm milk  and keep aside
  • In a bowl  take  yogurt and sugar and whisk until sugar dissolves
  • Add the  cardamom powder and  the  soaked  saffron/kesar
  • Whisk  till its well  combined
  • Pour  into glass  and garnish with sliced pistachios.
  • Serve chilled

Use thick curds for a creamy lassie
You can add ice cubes and 1 cup milk if you  want