Kesar Seviyan Shots /Kesar Kheer shots

Seviyan shots or kesar seviyan shots is nothing but delicious saffron/kesar flavoured  vermicelli/ seviyan kheer or pudding  served This is one of my favourite dessert.

.Enjoy this warm or have it chilled it taste best either ways .I have used thinnest variety of seviyan which is used for sheer khurma which is posted in the blog already .These can be served as a dessert for any parties or dinner .

1/3* cup seviyan vermicelli
1 litre full cream milk
1/4 cup sugar
2 tbsp condensed milk
4-5 cardamom crushed
Few strands of saffron /kesar
Cashews chopped
Pistachio sliced
Almonds sliced
1 tsp ghee
Boil milk in a pan and let it simmer on low flame until it thickens.
Add condensed milk, sugar ,saffron and stir .
Add the roasted vermicelli and the chopped nuts
Keep stirring .
Add the cardamom powder .
Once the vermicelli is cooked well switch the flame off.
Serve it warm or enjoy it chilled .

use full fat milk for creamy  kheer
you can increase  seviyan to  1/2* cup if you prefer more seviyan 
 skip  condensed milk and  add 1/2 cup sugar incase you don't want to add condensed milk.