No Cook Marzipan/Marzipan Fruits

This is my 3rd back to back post on Marzipan ,this goes to show how mjch i love marzipan hehhehe...I loved both the version be it cooked no cook /made from almonds or be it cashews
this is easy to make and  very very addictive to eat... i bet you wont stop at one..the cooked version though yeilds much more and stays more longer as compared to this but it is a labor intensive task ,you need patience and lots of patience to stir.Since we make sweets in quite a lrge number Continous stirring gets overwhelming speacially if making it on a large scale So this year i have divided my work I made marzipan part by part one day cooked version the other day the non cook almond and the third day made these.

There are sveral pretty shaped moulds availabe in the market these days you can choose from a wide range of silicone moulds ,the rubber ones can get a bit tricky as the mixture may stick and you need to bend the mould ,you have to dust some icing sugar and then use them.So do try these marzipan this Christmas .

150 gms Cashews( unsalted/unroasted)
150 gms  Icing Sugar
Few drops of almond essence
Rose water
1/4 cup sugar syrup.
colours as needed

  • Powder the cashews finely in a dry grinder/mixer,make sure you dont over grind it else it will turn to paste.
  • Sift the powdered cashews and collect the grainy leftover cashews and grind it further to a fine powder .
  • In a plate/bowl mix icing sugar ,cashew powder well .
  • To this add the essence,few drops of rose water and  the rose sugar syrup little at a time.
  • Mix together and form a smooth soft dough .
  • Divide into equal balls and add few drops of colour as desired and knead it 
  • Do not apply more pressure while kneading just knead till the colour mixes well.
  • Using silicione moulds shape them as you like,

Do not apply more pressure while kneading jus need till the colour mixes well.
The oil will release but thats fine it will dry up later 
Sugar syrup- 1/4 cup water and 1 tbsp sugar ..Cook till the sugar melts ,let it cool then use as required .