Marzipan /Marzipan Apple..Christmas Sweet

Marzipan Is nothing but confectionery/sweet made from almond and sugar ,we prefer using cashews but my Mom loves the ones made with Almonds .So every year we make marzipan with cashews and almonds both cooking and no cook version ,this year i made no cook version of almond marzipan .All these years shaped marzipans were made from cashews and apple marzipan were always made by almond marzipan..

You surely can get creative by making different shapes of marzipan ,This time I too decided I would make a fruit basket, if time permits I will surely post it here.
As a kid i always helped mom and my aunties in making sweets The best part was to gobble up few marzipan and milk cream while we shaped :P These Apple shaped marzipan were easy and fun to make ,the other shaped marzipan needed lot of patience as we mix in many colours.

This is the best option if you don't have moulds and still want to try making marzipan for Christmas ,you can surely just spread the  marzipan dough  and cut it n diamond or square shapes but these look more dainty and trust me its fun to make .You can get your kiddos involved in shaping these ,they are pretty easy and kids will love to help you ..
 Many of my friends add egg whites to this ,if you can consume raw egg you can add egg whites and make them .So wait no more go and try them today.You Christmas platter will look more pretty and yummy too.

150 gm almond
200 gm icing sugar/confectionery sugar
Sugar syrup ( 1 tbsp sugar and 1/4 cup water )
Rose water
 red colour

how to make marzipan without eggs


  • Blanch the almonds in hot water ,peel the skin and keep aside.
  • Let the almonds dry completely ,you may use kitchen towel to wipe away any moisture.
  • Once they are dry grind them to fine powder ,make sure the almonds are powdered well.
  • If you are left with coarse almond ,collect them after sifting and grind to powder .
  • In a plate mix the almond powder/flour  and the sugar
  • Add few drops of rose water ,almond essence and mix in sugar syrup ,little at a time .
  • Bring it all together to a smooth soft dough .

  • Divide into two to three portions if adding different colours, else just mix in few drops of red colour and knead till the colour has mixed in well.
  • Make tiny balls and shape it into apple .

  • You can add ready made plastic/cloth stems or prick a clove in each apple.

You can use ready made almond meal/flour
Make sure the blanched almonds are dried completely before you grind them to a powder 
Using rose water and almond essence is optional you may skip and add clear vanilla instead
You may use powdered sugar in place of icing sugar .