Chicken Box Pattice/Chicken Parcels

Chicken parcels or box patties/pattice are  delicious snack made using samosa sheets .Chicken box patties are crisp from out filled with   yummy creamy chicken filling.These are best enjoyed when they are served hot. You can make any fillings of your choice but the filling should not be very wet else the patties will turn soggy.
My family loved this snack it goes well with any sauce .Kids love them .Perfect evening snack specially now in the rainy season
 The cross box pattice design  is inspired by  Mishi Bukhari .The filling i used here is creamy chicken which I also used for Stuffed capsicum .
The recipe is pretty simple .I have used readymade samosa sheets /Patti's for the outer layer and the filling which I used is the creamy chicken filling which is already in the blog .you can add any filling of your choice..add cheese to the filling and you have cheesy Chicken parcels or box patties .

crispy chicken parcel/ box pattice
12-14 samosa Patti/sheets(you will need 2 for each pattice)
Chicken filling/veg of your choice
Paste of 2 tbsp  flour and water to cover the box patties
oil to deep fry

  • Here is the stepwise pictures on how to fold the box patties
  • You can keep it simple by just folding like this

  • Or cut them into strips like shown below and cover each strip overlapping with the opposite strip.
  • Add the paste on each strip so that it sticks to the patties.
  •  Repeat the same for all Cross Box patties .

  • Once you have filled them you  can freeze it to fry for later.
  • Or fry them straight away.
  • For frying you will need some oil to deep fry .
  • Heat oil in a kadhai/pan.
  • Fry the Box patties on both sides till golden brown and crisp.
  • Remove the excess oil on a kitchen towel.
  • Serve hot with any dip or Ketchup.

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